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Through research and discovery of who I am as a person and a designer I was able to create a brand system from scratch to showcase and express myself through logo and stationery.

I gather personal inspiration from travel - seeing different architectures, artists, people, culture and food. When visiting new spaces I encounter inspiring moments that allow me to see things in a new perspective. Different materials like textiles, wall-coverings and applied materials inspire new ideas and techniques as well as color palettes and architectural details. 

My goal was to create a logo that truly represented my designs. Something that is contemporary yet edgy and bold. The logotype is a variation of the Libre Franklin font family. I made slight modifications to each letter by closing the spacing between the letters. By erasing a section of the vertical line of the ‘K’ in my last name, it expresses the subtle yet direct emphasis of who I am and my designs. I then incorporated the angled line ( / ) made from the K into the rest of my stationery designs, reflecting the expanding and infinite creativity MOONAKIM presents. 




Business card  |  Buckslip  |  Envelope  |  Letterhead

Resume  |  Invoice  |  Fax sheet  |  Folder  |  Stamps