The NEVADA MUSEUM OF ART organized a major exhibition titled Unsettled that features work by artists living and/or working in the Greater West. Work in the exhibition responds to the Greater West’s legacies of colonialism, conflict and changing landscape. It also explores the unsettled edges of cultural and creative production in the Greater West. Unsettled aims to make connections between the diverse cultures and artistic practices of this super-region.

This exhibition space embraces the merging of two  

concepts - The Sublime Open and Colliding Cultures. The integration of the idea of successive peoples settling and re-settling in territories and the idea

of sublime landscapes elevating curiosity to profound enchantment and terror. The idea creates enchantment and terror which ultimately leads to the feeling of isolation within the space. 


The layered, organic extrusions represent the landscape of the Sublime. In between each layer it is lit up to have a more organic, floating effect. They act as a stage for the artworks as well as  seating for visitors.